New Mexico’s Sunshine Portal Now Live

Kudos to everyone from Diane Denish to Sen. Sander Rue, New Mexico’s Department of Information Technology, and the Albuquerque-based RealTimeSites which actually created the site. New Mexico’s Sunshine Portal is now live (6 months ahead of schedule). When’s the last time you heard that about New Mexico government?

Anyway, there is a trove of interesting information. Just one nugget I found is that five staffers in the Office of the Governor make more money on an annual basis than does the Governor: Brian Condit (Cos), Janis Hartley (Deputy Cos), Eric Witt (Deputy CoS), Gilbert Gallegos (Deputy CoS), and Daniela Glick (Special Director).

As far as I’ve seen, The Sunshine Portal is one of the best in the nation. I hope it generates a lot of heat on the political class by shedding some light on state budgets. That said, it needs to be expanded. Let’s start with adding the public schools to the portal!

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