New Report: Food insecurity among New Mexico children has increased nearly 30% since 2018

New Mexico children have long suffered from high rates of food insecurity. According to a recent report from the group, Feeding America, in 2018, 23.8% of the State’s childrenĀ  were considered “food insecure.”

As the chart below shows, in 2020 as the impact of COVID 19 and the lockdowns imposed by Gov. Lujan Grisham have dragged on, New Mexico’s rate will have risen to 30.8%. That is a nearly 30% increase in food insecurity under Gov. Lujan Grisham who took over in 2019.

Certainly, COVID 19 has had negative impacts on food insecurity issues across the nation, but Lujan Grisham’s continued aggressive lockdown policies have not helped here in New Mexico where large numbers of children already face serious food insecurity challenges.