New Report: Lujan Grisham worst governor in the nation

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a conservative group of state legislators from all over the country. They share policy success (and failures) and create model bills based on concepts that have worked in one or more states that legislators might want to introduce elsewhere.

The exist in New Mexico although given our “deep blue” politics, you’d have to look hard to find any ALEC policies that have made their way into legislation.  But, a new report by Art Laffer and Jonathan Williams (a previous RGF luncheon guest) ranks the nation’s 50 governors on a few basic metrics and finds Lujan Grisham to be the VERY worst governor in the entire country.

Policies included various economic and education policy issues including education freedom, interstate migration, welfare dependency, and unemployment rates.

It is no surprise at all that Lujan Grisham is the worst Gov. in the nation. RGF has postulated in the past that upon taking office she took every policy RGF supported and advocated doing the opposite. And then she locked down New Mexico’s economy and kept struggling New Mexico kids out of school for a year due to her misguided “Zero-COVID” mindset.

The BEST Gov. in the nation in the report is Kristi Noem of South Dakota who famously kept her state open during COVID.  You can read the full report below:


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7 Replies to “New Report: Lujan Grisham worst governor in the nation”

  1. No surprise. I traveled several states since the pandemic began. NM is definitely the worst. As a 5th generation New Mexican, it breaks my heart to see such a failure. I wonder how different things would have been if Martinez had been our governor for the last 2 years.

  2. Not surprized, eight months into 2020 I sent my well researched report on use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for those with the hypoxic pneumonia. No response from her despite giving a second copy hand delivered in October 2020 and calling her office monthly till April 2021. Then the Dept of Health respondent had not even taken the time to read what was sent. I mean, if you had something, that even in a small unrandomized trial of fully hypoxic pneumonia presenting patients, and 90% of them survived would you not be asking why we were using intubated mechanical ventilators with only a 15% at best success rate.

  3. Despite the epic mismanagement of our state, voters continue to pull the levers for Democrats in election after election. It really is quite remarkable. I think much of the reason is that the Democrat vote in NM has been purchased with taxpayer dollars. After 90 years of single party Dem rule in the state, we have an enormous welfare class and enormous public sector workforce. Those two components comprise over 50% of the electorate in NM and has opposed fundamental change in the past and will oppose fundamental change in the future. If and when NM runs out of other people’s money to spend, the entire structure will collapse. Until that day arrives, expect more of the same.

  4. An honorable mention of a disaster for our beautiful state is our power-hungry governor sold our state out to so called renewable energy companies (with help from our beloved senator Heinrich and other politicians). Wind turbines, and the 500 KV double power lines that are in the process of finding a route through pristine private, forest, and BLM land in NM are a disaster to human, animal, and environmental health…. all to transport power to California!! Look up Sun Zia and try to get truthful information. Talk to BLM, forest service, fish and wildlife, and if you can try to get in touch with New Mexico State land office. Good luck. NOTHING is transparent or fair to the taxpayers in this state. I am exhausted with the power hungry and egregious mentality of the politicians in this state. I have been asking my husband to move. we really cannot afford to though. God help our state and country.

  5. MLG epitomizes the definition of insanity. Do the same thing over and over and expect different results. What will happen in the future is that Covid will have burned itself through the populace until no one is left to become infected. Then our governor will declare victory over the demon. The overdose deaths, road rage killings, high crime rate, etc. etc. ? Collateral damage.

  6. This isn’t exactly news to anyone who lives here. It basically confirms what we already knew and have had to deal with for three years. She is incompetent, arrogant, self centered and has a napoleanic complex. My only question is whether the citizens of the state will have the common sense to vote her out?

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