New report: New Mexico among states with smallest wealth gaps by race/ethnicity

The New Mexico Legislature has convened in Santa Fe and “progressives” led by Democratic House Speaker Javier Martinez will be actively promoting “equity” and other policies supposedly meant to help the poor.

Interestingly, according to a new report from Wallethub analyzes the states with the largest and smallest wealth gaps by race/ethnicity and found New Mexico came in just 45th which means that New Mexico’s wealth gap was among the SMALLEST among US states.

Curiously among the states with smaller wealth gaps were a diverse group including Florida, West Virginia, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Among States with larger gaps were Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Nebraska.

Arguably this is good news for New Mexico’s, but it also reflects New Mexico’s overall poverty of which New Mexico is among the very poorest. Even when it comes to tracking the very richest person in each state New Mexico’s “richest” is low on the list (further reflecting both New Mexico’s poverty and its lack of a robust private sector).

Source: WalletHub