New report: New Mexico is #1 “Economically-failing state” (neighboring Utah named #1 thriving state)

The following is from GOBankingRates as reported on Yahoo News here. 

GOBankingRates took a look at a variety of economic factors, from year-over-year GDP and unemployment rates to wage changes and the percentage of a state’s population that is living in poverty. States were divided into the top 15 and the bottom 15 and ranked in reverse order. Thus, the state in the worst current economic shape appears as No. 1 at the end of the “failing economies” section, while the only state in the nation thus far that shows a year-over-year percentage gain in employment appears as No. 1 under the “thriving economies” section.

New Mexico is the Number 1 “failing” economy while neighboring Utah is the Number 1 “thriving” economy. The power of public policy.

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2 Replies to “New report: New Mexico is #1 “Economically-failing state” (neighboring Utah named #1 thriving state)”

  1. Gov Johnson, when governor of NM, said in the Albq Journal, NM was a welfare state….they practically hung him for such a comment. He was telling the truth.

    This is what you get under Democratic leadership, sadly…there are a lot of good hard working people in NM and at one time it was an absolutely beautiful state!

    We used to live there and moved 8 years ago because of gang activity and high crime in the city we lived in. When I moved there in 1981 it earned the title of “All American City”…not anymore, unless drugs, crime and gangs, theft, shootings etc. are the making of an “All American City”. Disgusting, but what isn’t these days?

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