New report: New Mexico unions saw greatest decline in membership of any Janus-impacted state

A new report from the Mackinac Center, a free market think tank based in Michigan highlights the impact the Supreme Court decision had on membership in New Mexico government employee unions. The Janus decision by the US Supreme Court was handed down on June 27, 2018. It essentially stated that public employees could not be required to join government employee unions. This is the basic idea behind Right to Work laws.

The Rio Grande Foundation partnered with the Mackinac Center post-Janus to educate public employee unions on their rights.

According to data from the Mackinac Center, New Mexico unions saw a massive 61.9% drop in union membership in the wake of the decision. Colorado saw the 2nd-biggest decrease but New Mexico’s was by far the largest decline as can be seen in the following chart.

Clearly, when given the choice, many New Mexico government workers would prefer NOT to be in the union.