New report when it comes to being pro-business, right to work is a virtual necessity

Rob Nikolewski over at Capitol Report New Mexico has reported on a new study from the  American Economic Development Institute which ranks the various US states on being pro-business or anti-business. According to the report, New Mexico received an overall C grade for 2014 — the same grade it got in 2013 and 2012 — but tumbled from 25th in the AEDI rankings to 35th, tying Oklahoma for the most precipitous drop of the year.

See the chart below:

The top 10 states in the AEDI survey  this year were (9 of the top ten are right to work). Lack of right to work is not the only problem New Mexico faces as is clear from the data, but it is obviously a major factor in determining whether a state is business-friendly or not:

1. Utah

2. Wyoming

3. Nebraska

4. Virginia

5. Kansas

6. North Dakota

7. Indiana

8. Missouri

9. South Carolina

10. South Dakota

The bottom 10 consisted of (all of the bottom 10 are not right to work/forced unionism states):

41. Massachusetts

42. Vermont

43. Connecticut

44. Maine

45. West Virginia

46. Wisconsin

47. New Jersey

48. Rhode Island

49. Illinois

50. California