NM among strictest in terms of virus restrictions

New Mexico is among the most tightly shut down states in the entire country. This is according to the website Wallethub which has been ranking the various US states on how “open” or “closed” they are.

New Mexico was tied with Washington State as the 44thmost open or, with the inclusion of Washington, DC, 7thleast open. There is a clear partisan divide among the “openers” and “closers.” Until you hit Ohio, the 14thmost “closed” state all of the “closers” are led by Democrats. And, while Wisconsin (with a Democrat governor) jumped to the top of the list of “open” states thanks to a judge’s order it is not until West Virginia, the 14thmost-open state that we see a Democrat-run state among the most open.

Notably, New Mexico’s neighbors are ALL far more open than we are. As of writing this piece on May 19th, most of New Mexico’s neighbors ALSO have fewer deaths per million than we do. Colorado is the notable exception, yet Colorado also ranks as the 31stmost open, 13 places above New Mexico.

According to the report, NM is considered among the states with “many restrictions & a high death rate.” Of course, those deaths are relatively geographically isolated. (sadly) on the Navajo Reservation which has has been discussed in the media.

With the Gov. and Mayor Keller having recently published reports with detailed  and strict information on reopening the NM economy, it does not appear that NM is going to reopen much relative to other states for the foreseeable future.  The more relevant question for New Mexico and other shut down states is whether the decisions are being driven by politics or science.

Source: WalletHub