NM at bottom (and sliding) in SAT test results

According to the education website Schoolaroo New Mexico has achieved yet another unenviable dead-last position in education.

Being in dead-last has become typical under Gov. Lujan Grisham who has pumped money into education while not reforming the system and closing New Mexico schools for over a year during COVID.

What is unknown is how various states administer the test and to whom and how those factors might affect New Mexico scores relative to students in other states.

Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that New Mexico’s applicants have fallen four positions in comparison to the previous year, now ranking at the bottom with a total average score of 953.

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3 Replies to “NM at bottom (and sliding) in SAT test results”

  1. Rankings were lower for every state because of the pandemic. New Mexico was last had 901 but there were 12 States that ranked under 1,000. New Mexico also ranked 38 in the best states to live for millennials but the Rio Grande Foundation always ignores studies that don’t have our state ranked at the very bottom

    1. Las Cruces is now an unlivable city for anybody. Last week they assaulted my business landlord with a swinging belt buckle, caught on tape. Las Cruces police officers arrived, and said they could do nothing because they did not witness it.
      Crime is legal in Las Cruces now, how goes it in Albuquerque?

  2. 38 is bottom 1/4.
    New Mexico’s political history of the past 90+ years is the reason for its poor scores in virtually every category. This governor’s desire to impose any idiotic rule making (from another failed feudal estate – CA) is reprehensible.
    (As an aside) People ask often why NM contractors do not get the work of out-of-state folks. Those jobs are shipped off to unions, and matters are getting much worse at Federal level. Travesty.

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