NM continues to follow the “Voices” playbook…to dead last

New Mexico has followed the left-wing “playbook” of groups like Voices for Children, not for years, not even just for decades, but for the better part of a century. In a recent op-ed, the head of Voices highlights ways in which the 2022 election further supports their vision of a large government with numerous, “generous” welfare programs.

And, while it is true that New Mexico has had Republicans in the governor’s mansion over the years and not ALL Democrats for the last 92 or so years have been “progressive” in their own day or certainly by modern standards, the reality is that New Mexico has been a liberal bastion in the American Southwest even relative to neighboring Colorado.

Alas, all that money hasn’t helped New Mexico get out of 50th place in Voices’ own report, despite the infusion of massive oil and gas money (which Voices loves to hate). Perhaps it is time for New Mexico to change direction by adopting a more market-driven economy and a choice-driven education system?