NM Highlands and NMSU EV charger status

As we have discussed in this space the Rio Grande Foundation has been requesting public records from several state institutions regarding the existence of EV chargers. Here is information from NM Highlands.

How many total EV Charging stations are at Highlands University’s various  campuses?

The university only has one EV at this time, and it is located on the main campus. It is a level 1 unit (the slowest type).

What was the cost of each unit?

The unit cost was $11,181.47.

According to a records request received from NMSU: “New Mexico State University does not have EV charging stations installed on our main campus or branch campuses.”

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One Reply to “NM Highlands and NMSU EV charger status”

  1. Why is this one so much less than the ones you claim cost closer to $100,000 at Western New Mexico University?
    Regardless New Mexico Highlands should spend more time and maybe money improving their student 4-year graduation rate of about 20%.

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