NM infection numbers moving in right direction (following seasonal pattern) Updated

Check out the chart below which is from World O Meters. It shows the 7 day average of new COVID cases in New Mexico. The number of new cases peaked at 1,422 on November 23rd. That number has dropped steadily since and now stands at 1,080 as of November 29th.

Looking back at 2020 data, New Mexico saw a similar pattern with the Virus as it peaked on November 24th (at a much higher level) and dropped quickly from there. Clearly the Virus is seasonal, but numerous other factors have undoubtedly mitigated against the situation being AS bad in 2021 as it was in 2020.

Will the Omicron variant hit New Mexico and move us in the wrong direction? We don’t know. But, it appears that from an infection perspective New Mexico has turned the corner. We certainly hope so.