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  1. In the Grants school system, one of the problems, is the overloaded number of workers at central office, the lack of courage of the system to weed out inefficient teachers and the money spent on new buildings that are poorly built and will soon require repair. We are now planning on building a large grade school at CUBERO of all places. Maybe no one has checked the population of Cubero. Has anyone checked to see what “successful” schools are doing right?

  2. How is it and why is it that when we consider education… the most important entity, the subject of our effort is not considered? More specifically, why is it so difficult to see that education cannot be improved unless we take into consideration all the players and their motivations or lack there of?

    We have a problem in education. Few will disagree. One glaring fact remains out of reach in most if not all discussion regarding education improvement. If the team is losing we look at ALL the players. Every one of them are a factor in winning or losing, success or failure. Education is no different.

    The best facilities, the best administrations and the best teachers cannot make students learn. The best of all things cannot motivate the unwilling, the unmotivated, no matter how much money is spent!

    We speak and write about accountability. What about student accountability?

    Real solutions to our problems must address the problem of uncaring and unmotivated students. Education will improve when and only when all participants, all the players, are held accountable… including students.

    We see high drop out rate, low grades and wonder why. Then the popular reasoning follows – it must be the teachers.

    Far too many students are content to learn little or in the most severe cases absolutely nothing. And somehow those few students find time to disrupt the process for those students that do want to learn. Then we want to know what is wrong with the process…

    The answer may well be accountability across the board for all participants.

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