NM “progressives” nowhere to be found on United Stadium, other “regressive” policies

At the Rio Grande Foundation we pride ourselves on standing on principle. That means that among other things we oppose wasteful government spending and government subsidies for the wealthy (using your tax dollars, of course).

While we are usually at odds with New Mexico’s myriad left-wing groups, it COULD put us in alignment with PRINCIPLED left-leaning groups who, in theory, oppose such “regressive” policies. Unfortunately for New Mexico, most left-leaning organizations in New Mexico are power-seeking, not principled. They support bigger government, not improvements to conditions for the poor. Here is just a brief sampling of issues:

  1. New Mexico United Stadium: takes $50 million plus dollars from average taxpayers in Albuquerque to build a soccer stadium. RGF took a stand along with two “Republican” city councilors (they are non-partisan races). Did any “progressive” group or politicians take a stand?
  2. The State’s education system routinely fails ALL students, most notably poor and minority students. RGF has long called for school choice and other needed reforms only to be thwarted by unions and their supposedly “progressive” political allies.
  3. Back in 2017 the Mayor of Santa Fe pushed for massive tax on soda and sugary drinks which was defeated at the ballot box. Bernie Sanders (a progressive US Senator) publicly opposed a similar tax in Philadelphia which was “fact-checked” as hurting the poor most.
  4. Film subsidies are a classic case of New Mexico tax dollars being shifted from middle and working class taxpayers to wealthy film companies and producers. Alas, no left-leaning group in New Mexico has taken a public stance opposing them.

These are just a few examples of RGF stepping up to fight for “progressive” causes when the actual “progressives” fail to act. We don’t claim to be progressive, just principled.

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