NM should emulate successful states by saying “no” to ObamaCare Medicaid $$

If you see success and willfully do the opposite, where do you wind up? New Mexico’s neighbors Texas and Oklahoma are creating jobs at the fastest pace in the nation (see the chart on page 3) while New Mexico continues to lose jobs. Notably, Texas and Oklahoma have said “thanks but no thanks” to the federal Medicaid offer or bribe.

This expansion is, of course, being portrayed by backers as an unmitigated boon for state economies, but the reality is that putting people on welfare is not a path to economic prosperity and never has been. Given the makeup of the Legislature, Gov. Martinez will have a limited number of opportunities to actually influence New Mexico’s biggest public policy issues for at least the next two years. The opportunity to say “no” to even greater dependency is one she should embrace.

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4 Replies to “NM should emulate successful states by saying “no” to ObamaCare Medicaid $$”

  1. Ever wonder what’s going to happen in those states where ObamaCare is not rejected? What if doctors refuse to come to those states? All the free health care in the world won’t save you. Perhaps those who think that they are going to get something for nothing should consider how much it’s going to cost…

  2. Bill, that’s just the problem…those “getting something for nothing don’t care”…they still want it.

  3. Naturally, our Democrat Legislature is going to vote to accept this ObamaCare money if for no other reason than to expand their voter base by offering more “free” goodies! Hopefully, Gov. Martinez will stand firm and reject this. NM is already too reliant on Federal money, which is a major reason for us being on the top of the “Death Spiral States” list.

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