NM’s economy illustrated: UNM can’t sell naming rights for “The Pit”

KRQE channel 13 had a fascinating story about UNM’s inability to sell naming rights for “The Pit” and “University Stadium.” It only backs up something I’ve long believed was an indicator of the troubles plaguing New Mexico’s economy: while other sports arenas are named after local businesses, the only local sponsor of a major sports arena is a law firm (Branch Field at University Stadium).

Now, I’m not a huge fan of corporate naming rights for sporting arenas: “Qualcomm Stadium,” FedEx Field, and the like, but in the case of UNM’s money-losing athletic department, dollars generated through naming rights don’t have to be taken out of the pockets of students or the taxpayers.

In summary, this is yet another way in which New Mexico and its institutions are held back by our history of left-liberal economic policies. After all, while we would be in unimaginably bad shape without the Labs, they aren’t going to sponsor these sorts of things.