No science to support COVID social distancing policies

There is a lot of discussion about why Americans no longer trust “the institutions.” It would be great if the institutions would stop lying to us as a starting point. I happened to see this old social media post from Sen. Heinrich from April of 2020 which highlighted the “importance” of now-disproven recommendations like face masks and social distancing. BTW, the video Heinrich links to is a (since removed) video from the CDC which (based on context and link) shows people how to make home made face masks.

We stumbled upon the Heinrich post at the same time as the following post below shows NIH Director Francis Collins admitting that no “science or evidence” supported social distancing policies.

We aren’t really blaming Heinrich here except to say that he knew nothing beyond what the so-called experts were telling him. At the Rio Grande Foundation we questioned the lockdown and school closure policies imposed by MLG and we continue to work for reform of New Mexico’s absurdly broad public health emergency laws. At no time in American history has being skeptical of government pronouncements been more important than during COVID.