No such thing as a free lunch

Too often, simple principles are lost in the clutter of misleading arguments and confusing language. Economics is prone to such problems in large part because it is not a science. There is no control group because we are living it.

Anyway, I discuss a few of these ideas and apply them to some hot-button issues in a recent Albuquerque Journal article.

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4 Replies to “No such thing as a free lunch”

  1. I think they get lost because of lying politicians who have an agenda of getting elected and reelected again and again. Also we have a lot of elitist mindset in our politicians and they really need to start listening to what their constituents want!

  2. First a Balanced Budget amendment to your state Constitution to remind politicians of their budget goal. A careful look at where you tax money is going and then get in and root out waste and fraud in every budget. After the analysis of the budget get the items in proportion to their needs.

  3. There are free markets that exist, it’s just that they are demonized as “black markets” because they exist outside of the regulatory state’s control. Every day people barter and trade goods and services, pay people “under the table” to get work done, and do such things to avoid the onerous regulation and cost burdens imposed by government. This is the reason that increased taxation results in reduced revenue….and then people get offended and indignant because they believe that they are “entitled” to what others have worked for and earned.
    As for protecting the people from excessive government, a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) as implemented in Colorado would be a good addition to other ideas presented. It holds the legislature to budget (and tax) increases no larger than the increase in population plus the rate of inflation without the approval of 2/3rds of the citizens in a ballot referendum. Of course this requires an educated citizenry which results in comments more appropriate to another article.

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