Nobody hates success like Joe Biden (LNG export permitting pause)

Last week President Biden seemingly inexplicably decided to put a stop to approvals of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.  Is it to get back at Texas for the border dispute or is it another sop to the radical environmentalists (even though LNG exports are a win for the environment)? We may never know.

LNG is a classic win, win, win for the US and New Mexico.

It provides a market for our natural gas (NM is a top-10 producing state). This means jobs and revenues.

Natural gas is clean and often replaces coal. 

Our natural gas helps foreign allies that otherwise might have to rely on Russia. 


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One Reply to “Nobody hates success like Joe Biden (LNG export permitting pause)”

  1. It was a pause not a permanent stop. But since the Rio Grande Foundation of doesn’t believe in the effects of fossil fuel on our climate, despite overwhelming evidence at this point in our history, they just see this as silly and irrational. Just like a child who doesn’t understand that the parent took away his candy because it’s bad for him.

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