Not Evil Just Wrong = Big Success

In case you were unable to attend our showings in Santa Fe and Las Cruces, you missed out. We had turnouts of 70+ people for each showing of Note Evil Just Wrong and the crowds were enthusiastic about the film and its message of not falling prey to the hysteria of Al Gore and others who are attempting to convince humans all over the world to live at much lower standards and sacrifice billions of human lives to solve the supposed “crisis” of global warming. Oh, and in case you are not a football fan, it snowed yesterday in the Boston area.

If you did see the movie, you know that Roy Innis of the Council on Racial Equality was among the film’s stars. He authored the following opinion piece, Climate assumptions from another planet, which decries the direction of global warming and energy policies currently being discussed in Washington.

Lastly, if you want to help us set up a showing of “Not Evil Just Wrong” in your community, please contact us at: If you want your own copy of the film, you can order that here.