Now, about those pensions…

According to a report from the Albuquerque Journal, at least two City of Albuquerque zoning employees have been busted for shopping and hitting the slot machines at the local casinos on City time.

One of the workers was a 25-year employee of the City has resigned. The question is, “What happens to her pension?” Would the situation be different if the employee had been fired for cause or did she resign just in the “nick of time?”

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One Reply to “Now, about those pensions…”

  1. I suppose the city can’t even recover the amount of money she stole from the city’s payroll (read: YOUR TAXES) by screwing off and being paid for it. And since this is “soft-on-crime” New Mexico, they probably have no way to keep this criminal from collecting her undeserved pension. The corrupt AFSCME officials would scream bloody murder if the city tried to do the right thing and recoup the money she stole while working.

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