Now we’re directly subsidizing New Mexico marijuana industry w/ our tax dollars

At the Rio Grande Foundation we have never opposed marijuana legalization. Our view is in line with the libertarian perspective that people should not be tossed in jail for buying, selling, or using pot.

On the flip side, marijuana is not an industry that is going to support overall economic growth and it shouldn’t/won’t be a big source of government revenues (relative to other industries). Policymakers should not be promoting legalized pot as “economic development.” 

And with all the taxes paid to the State by the marijuana industry and the fact that marijuana isn’t being legally sold across state lines (due to federal restrictions), it is absurd for tax dollars (LEDA) to be used to subsidize the marijuana industry. But, according to news reports LEDA $$ just went to a Clovis-based marijuana “manufacturing and processing” facility. 

Support or oppose legalization, our tax dollars shouldn’t be used to subsidize it. 

Forward-thinking' New Mexico goes from legal marijuana to  taxpayer-subsidized weed | New Mexico |