Numerous important issues at Albuquerque City Council this afternoon

This afternoon at Albuquerque City Council, a bill  O-22-3will be discussed at the Albuquerque City Council Finance & Government Operations (FGO) Committee meeting. If adopted, the ordinance would repeal the City’s ban on plastic bags.  The meeting is today, February 14th at 3:00 PM (agenda attached).  

You can help repeal the City’s absurd ban on plastic bags. SUPPORT O-22-3 by click here  to contact City Councilors directly; to speak at Monday’s FGO meeting or submit your written public comments, click  here.

It is time to restore bag freedom in Albuquerque.

TAX CUT 0-22-1

This ordinance introduced by Councilor Lewis Repeals 2018 Council Bill No. 0-18-9 which imposed a 3/8 percent gross receipts tax  (Sponsored by Councilor Lewis)

It is scheduled to be heard in the Finance and Government Operations Committee today (Feb 14) at 3pm

  • Committee Sub rescinds 1/8 of a percent of the tax

  • Reduces GRT tax by $20 million dollars annually

  • Designates remaining ¼ cent tax to public safety ($29 million) and homelessness ($18 million) with a 5-year sunset

  • Click here  to contact City Councilors directly


0-22-2 (Lewis) Updating the Civil Emergency Powers Ordinance relating to public health orders

  • Scheduled for Finance Committee Feb 14, 3pm

  • Removes the mayor’s ability to order shutting down city streets, mass assemblies such as churches, closing of private businesses, and other declarations related to public health emergencies.

  • Gives the mayor the ability to advise and make recommendations but not orders.

  • Click here  to contact City Councilors directly


R-22-2 (Lewis) Amending the Declaration of Local Emergency due to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 to ban vaccine requirements for city employees; setting policy for future declarations

  • Scheduled for Finance Committee Feb 14, 3pm

  • Prohibits the city from mandating COVID-19 vaccines to city employees

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