Numerous specific issues with electric vehicles and especially government mandating them

MLG’s plan to push an electric vehicle mandate through the Environmental Improvement Board is kicking into gear. The Board is expected to begin deliberation on ramping up New Mexico’s EV mandate to 43% by 2027 and 82% by 2032 on November 15.

This is a DEEPLY flawed policy that Rio Grande Foundation will be working hard to stop. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the many reasons why EV mandates are harmful:

Ultimately, EV’s may or may not be a good replacement technology for the internal combustion engine. But, government through mandates and extensive subsidies should not be the final arbiter of this choice. That should fall to consumers. Sadly, Gov. Lujan Grisham has joined the EV bandwagon at the expense of personal freedom.

Turning California's EV Zero Emissions Mandate Into Reality | Resource Capital Funds

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  1. The people pushing EV’s are Utopians that believe they are saving the planet and stopping the “climate crisis.” They are really quite cultish and it is very hard to talk sensibly to them. They just see no tailpipe emissions and that petroleum products are not being pumped into fuel tanks and believe they are “saving the planet.” There are numerous other considerations that they can’t be bothered with that call their beliefs into question and those that point such considerations out are “deniers” and must be shills for “big oil..” Many people are going to suffer if the renewable energy and EV cultists see their plans through and those hardest hit will people at the lower levels of the economic ladder.

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