Obama Administration attempts to force Boeing to pay off union buddies

The Obama Administration’s antics continue to amaze in their brazenness and single-minded pursuit of political power. The latest extreme example comes from The Examiner and involves an attempt by the Administration to keep production of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner from being shifted to South Carolina.

The reason for the Administration’s all-out push? Washington State requires union membership to do the job. South Carolina does not as it is a Right to Work State and thus the workers Boeing would hire may or may not choose to be part of a union. New Mexico is, of course, not a Right to Work state (unfortunately).

Obama is playing a dangerous game here. Of course, in the short-term, they want political donations and greater union power. In the long-term, if they push too hard to mold Boeing’s labor practices, they may be pushing them to do more work abroad. This fight highlights the power of Right to Work in attracting businesses and it shows how Obama will seemingly stop at nothing to preserve power.

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2 Replies to “Obama Administration attempts to force Boeing to pay off union buddies”

  1. I hope Boeing hires some more lawyers to get this in the court system. Talk about bullies! This sounds like “Ole Chicago methods” Is this what it means to be in bed with the unions!!

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