Obama Administration’s T-Mobile/AT&T block: bad move

It is amazing how consistent the Obama Administration has been in opposing free markets and increasing the size and scope of government. The latest move in this direction is its effort to stop the proposed merger of T-Mobile and AT&T.

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to provide their customers with more and better services (generally at a lower cost) in a competitive economy. And cell phone service providers are a competitive area of the economy as this list of the dozens of cell phone service providers nationwide illustrates.

I’m not even sure what the politics of this decision might be. The Communications Workers of America (supporters of Obama) supports the merger and argues it will create 5,000 jobs. We’ll have to see how this plays out, but there is no doubt that Obama is not changing his stripes (as did Clinton) to achieve electoral victory in 2012.

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2 Replies to “Obama Administration’s T-Mobile/AT&T block: bad move”

  1. Any one who opposes this has not been using AT&T.Those of us in the North Western part of the state are in dire need of service from AT&T! When they took over Alltel we were kept in the dark for almost 2 years. Our service is ridiculous. Dropped calls, not being able to get phone calls or voice mail when you are ot of your home area, charged for emails THEY send to you,lack of coverage for internet sticks for laptops and on and on.We had family in Liberal,KS and had never had a problem communicating with them until the change over started.They couldn’t even pay their bill wit out calling the payment in, no one wold take it and when they tried to mail it, it came back to them.It got to the point that they only way they could use their phone inside the house was to stand by their microwave and not turn their head in an direction. I know this because I was there and had to do the same thing.All we get when we ask questions is “the problem is with Qwest. They were to fix all the towers and they can’t get the parts.” I made the comment the last time I was in the store that they should have left us alone, we were perfectly happy with Alltel.The response I got was “Well,no one likes change and if someone came in and offered me $5 million for my house, I would sell it to them.” Well duh I probably wul too, but my decision wouldn’t affect anyone but me. There is no customer service and I was forewarned by family in other parts of the country that we were in trouble with the take over. Now we know.And why should they have a monopoly? Which they will have if they are allowed to do this.If they can FIX what is wrong in our area, I would say go ahead let them do it, but when police departments, 911 Centers, the Navajo Tribe and other local government entities are telling AT&T that they stink, something is wrong!

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