Obama is Right on India

President Obama is traveling through India and the far east and while we at the Rio Grande Foundation have had many differences with the President and his economic policies, Obama rightly noted that India’s economic development helps rather than hurts America’s economy and creates rather than destroys jobs. The broader point here is that free trade is economically beneficial.

The question I have is why Obama has not supported free trade agreements like the pending one with Columbia and South Korea.

These initiatives would help open new markets to American goods and services. Obama should work with Republicans to expand free trade as a means of helping to turn the US economy around.

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One Reply to “Obama is Right on India”

  1. For American workers the most worrying thing about India is the digital transfer of brain-intensive jobs to India. Americans reconciled themselves to the loss of manufacturing jobs with the thought that they would keep the smart jobs. Now India is not only America’s IT back-office and front-end customer service department, it is also reading CT-scans and X-rays, processing legal documents and helping with animation. Not sure this is what David Ricardo’s “comparative advantage” in free trade anticipated.

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