ObamaCare event and Winthrop Quigley

I’ll be speaking on an ObamaCare panel discussion tonight (9/17/13). The panel is sponsored by the Santa Fe Republican Party and will be held at the Santa Fe Women’s Club. The event is 6pm to 7:30 and the Club is located at 1616 Old Pecos Trail.

In other ObamaCare-related news, we made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal today thanks to their economics columnist Winthrop Quigley. The mention came only as we were the conduit by which he received a report from the Manhattan Institute which produced a report saying that New Mexicans would see the largest increase in insurance prices under ObamaCare. See my posting here.

Quigley, of course, was not impressed by the report. He says that it compares “apples to anvils” because insurance plans under ObamaCare will cover so much more stuff (like child birth) than currently-available individual health plans. He’s right, but I don’t think it invalidates the report. Myself, I don’t know of the Institute’s report will prove to be accurate, but a price tag is a price tag and lots of people aren’t going to be interested in all the bells and whistles forced upon them under ObamaCare. In fact, many healthy people (like me) would rather have an inexpensive insurance policy available in case I get hit by a bus but that gives me control over day-to-day health care costs.

Plans like these are called health savings accounts and they are both proven to reduce health care spending by up to 25% (bending the cost curve) and are under attack from the health care law.