ObamaCare hits my health care (and maybe yours) starting Jan. 1

Obama and others have repeatedly told Americans how much they will benefit from the new health care law. To say the least, my family’s experience isn’t going to be so hot.

Why? Well, I, my wife, and our 11 month old daughter use something called a Health Savings Account (HSA). Unlike ObamaCare which places the government in charge of our care, HSA’s are an attempt to restore the direct relationship between health care consumers and their doctors. This includes financial responsibility. Needless to say, ObamaCare must counter efforts to restore individual control over care in order to work.

So, come January 1, rather than being able to use the money I’ve built up in my Health Savings Account (this also applies to Flexible Spending Accounts) over the last several years (pre-tax) to pay for aspirin, cold medicine, and other over-the-counter remedies, I’ll now be required to either get a doctor’s prescription or pay with after tax dollars. The situation is described in further detail here and here. The IRS says any money removed from HSA accounts to pay for medical expenses bought without a prescription will be included as taxable income and subject to an additional tax of 20 percent. The idea is to raise $14 billion to help pay for ObamaCare.

So, thanks to the infinite wisdom of Obama and Congress, 10 million consumers who use HSAs (and the many more who use FSAs) will now have to waste time and or money in order to comply with needless regulations. Unless this law is repealed, the situation will only worsen.

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9 Replies to “ObamaCare hits my health care (and maybe yours) starting Jan. 1”

  1. This is a ridiculous article, written by a person who is maliciously manipulating the concept and intention of the health care bill passed under President Obama’s watch.

    This is an outright lie and manipulation.

    Please leave New Mexico alone with your horrible Republican Corporate agenda. Stop lying and manipulating the truth, Mr. Gessing. Shame on you.

    You article is more fuel for the fire to burn the US conservative oppression that you espouse through the Rio Grande Foundation.

    KVOT is revealing a lot of information to the Northern New Mexico listening audience about the bogus rhetoric of the Rio Grande Foundation.

    1. Sorry, ot…, it’s true. Gessing is right. If anything, he is UNderstating the problems that will arise. More bureaucracy, more paperwork, lower return for everybody. In other words: WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY (and makes things more expensive).

      It is unusual that someone so pathetically ignorant and uninformed has lived long enough to learn how to read and use the computer.

  2. Bottom line is that more people have access to health insurance. This will improve the quality of our workforce. If 10 million people have a slight adjustment to the their HSA plans, which arguable make the system more efficient.

    1. Bottom line, Steve-o, you’re wrong-o. Nothing the Federal Gov’t controls can be truthfully described as efficient. Never will be. The entire “health care” (ha ha ha) bill is a financial hole in the ground into which wasted resources shall be thrown.

      It’s time for the Fair Tax.

  3. Declaring him a liar doesn’t make it so. He clearly gave a concrete example of why Obamacare is a bad thing. He isn’t manipulating the truth at all. Providing a counter example would be a more effective argument instead of childish name calling.

    Only lazy people who don’t work or plan ahead think Obamacare is a worthwhile plan.

  4. It appears that people who reply here are not required to actually justify their positions, or to present facts. As usual, ad hominem and reductio ad absurdum are the order of the day in the liberal lexicon of argumentative strategy. The idea of having a pre-tax Health Savings Account has nothing to do with a “Republican Corporate Agenda” and benefits anyone who cares to utilize it, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Libertarian, or Communist. It is one small thing that the individual can control to manage their own health care costs without government interference.
    I’m not sure government interference in the form of an individual mandate for purchasing of health insurance will do anything to improve the quality of the workforce either. Having uneducated economic illiterates with health insurance at someone Else’s expense doesn’t improve their education level or economic literacy.
    If one were economically literate, they might be able to parse that taking more money out of 10 million people’s pockets doesn’t contribute anything to “make the system more efficient”, it just puts more money in the hands of bureaucrats who have proven through all of history to be incredibly poor stewards of the people’s money.

  5. So far on the comments two people who want to limit an individuals choice of managing their own health care. Sad!

    I would like to be allowed by government to make my own choices in my health care. To make it more difficult or more expensive by the government for me to be in control of my health costs is not what this country was founded on. Limited and smaller goverment will protect my liberties.

    I also want to have choice in vitamins, herbs and foods that the government should not interfere in my ability to have access to these nutritional substances.

    It seems that the government in their infinite wisedom is attempting to make it illegal for certain vitamins and herbs to be available to people. This action will only create an underground market place and people will be jailed for wanting to obtain a vitamin or natural herbal plant for improving their health. This is a government at it’s worst.

    Again, I will state I want a limited and smaller government. This will lower everyones taxes.

  6. Yes, once again the two previous replies show just how stupid and really ignorant the fine folks of northern New Mexico are.

  7. It is sad that NOBODY ever considers the cost of the care, only the cost the evil insurance companies charge. HSA’s along with doctors who take cash (or health insurance that reimburses your costs, rather than just pays) for the care are one good way to drive the costs of care down through competition, resulting in more access for everybody.

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