Obamacare, Still Failing in New Mexico


Kudos to reporter Bruce Krasnow for covering the latest news about Obamacare’s carnage here in New Mexico.

In 2017, insurers will be asking for big increases for individual plans. Blue Cross’s hike, based on its 2015 rate, will a whopping 93.2 percent. The lowest increase, 15.7 percent is for Christus. (Small-group plans will see hikes of between 31.6 percent and 2.5 percent, with United actually cutting its rate by 3.9 percent.)

Krasnow noted that Presbyterian, like Blue Cross, is dropping out of the state’s exchange, and that’s growing more common: “Vox Media reports that there is just one insurer signed up to sell in 687 U.S. counties in 2017 on the HealthCare.gov marketplace. That’s nearly four times the number of counties that had just one offering in 2016.”

Luckily, no county in New Mexico has fallen to monopoly-provider status — for now. But there’s no question that Obamacare continues to be a disaster for individuals and businesses in the Land of Enchantment. Not all bad policy ideas originate in Santa Fe!

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3 Replies to “Obamacare, Still Failing in New Mexico”

  1. So about 10 million new people across the US have some form of “health insurance”, primarily through higher Medicaid numbers (Welfare, NOT insurance), and 40 million have lost much of their coverage, raised premiums, take it from their pocket rather than an employment benefit, and no longer receive secondary benefits because those policies pay little to nothing. But it’s good because some hospitals are generating more income than before. Just great!

  2. Obamacare is failing right on schedule as intended and predicted by none other than its namesake, Barack Hussein Obama. His prediction was included in his statement; the ultimate goal is a single-payer system (meaning government only).
    I can see Hillary coming out soon with; “we tried the private system and as you can see, it just didn’t work”. The federal government has been sabotaging private healthcare for years always moving toward a government system. Otherwise they would have allowed insurance companies to operate across state lines as just one example of getting the government out of the way.
    Is anyone curious as to why no one in either party seems concerned about the collapse of Obamacare? They certainly know that it is crumbling right before our eyes. You would think there would be screams from both sides. Could it be that they knew it would happen and since they have their own private system they just don’t care?

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