Obama’s “National Broadband Plan”: Yet Another Bad Idea from Obama

President Obama recently announced his so-called “National Broadband Plan.” The supposed goal of this plan is to “make America’s nationwide broadband infrastructure the world’s most powerful platform for economic growth and prosperity.”

Unfortunately, as I pointed out in this piece in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Obama’s efforts to use the federal government to expand broadband are both misguided and in direct contradiction to his other cherished “Net Neutrality” policies which would again increase federal control over the Internet.

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3 Replies to “Obama’s “National Broadband Plan”: Yet Another Bad Idea from Obama”

  1. Net Neutrality would not increase federal control over the internet. It would prevent companies from being able to cap speed to certain websites while allowing other companies to have faster, and therefore more desirable webspace.

    In other words, it helps bloggers and small businesses on the web have an equal footing against mega corporations and rightwing non-profits with funding from CATO and other such organizations, like the Rio Grande Foundation.

  2. Richard:
    Consider this plan in a different administration, perhaps one you did not like. Freedom of speech is for all, not for those chosen in power.

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