Occupy spoiled brats

I suppose I have been remiss in posting SOMETHING about the “Occupy Wall Street” crowds. Aside from agreeing with them that bank bailouts are/were bad, the crowds seem largely made up of socialists. Well, here is a great music video from ReasonTV that more or less sums up the situation:

Certainly, the last decade or so has not been the best in our nation’s history and our heavily-regulated, bailout-friendly version of capitalism is not perfect, but a little perspective is certainly in order.

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6 Replies to “Occupy spoiled brats”

  1. Paul:

    These people will all be gone and out of sight when cold or inclement weather comes. They have no message and will not be missed, as there is no purpose to these activities.

    1. The Tea Party have no valid message and will not be missed. As there is no purpose to their activities, but mischief.

  2. You can’t tell me that there are no jobs anywhere….
    I could go to work tomorrow if I needed a job..it might not be the job I want or the pay I would like but there are jobs out there…….

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