Of Nuclear Power and Don Schraeder

I may be the only one who made the connection between the two, but I thought this environmentalist had an eminently sensible take on nuclear power in a post-Fukashima world. To summarize, “don’t throw the nuclear “baby” out with the bathwater. Nuclear power is and will be an important source of power. This is a good message as no source of energy comes without costs.

And of course there is local gadfly Don Schraeder who was written up by my buddy Leslie Linthicum. Part of being pro-freedom means allowing people to choose the path that is right for them, so I have no ill will towards the man. He is a harsh critic of automobiles, though, and the article is largely about him not having driven for the last 10 years.

Thankfully, Schraeder has not — as far as I know — run for office and attempted to secure the levers of power to enforce his lifestyle, but it is hard to see how a car-free existence (he doesn’t ride buses or planes either) would be fulfilling or possible for people living more traditional lifestyles. Like having kids. Or wanting to travel outside of downtown Albuquerque. Imagine having family or friends in another city and never seeing them. Imagine never seeing New York City, Washington, DC, or visiting a body of water bigger than the Rio Grande.

For all I know, Schraeder may live to 100, but I don’t feel guilty for driving a car and I’ll continue to enjoy the conveniences and possibilities offered by modern technology and living standards.

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3 Replies to “Of Nuclear Power and Don Schraeder”

  1. Look at the source: the guy (Schraeder) uses his own urine as a skin care emolient.

    Something just ain’t right about that boy.

  2. Yes, Don Schraeder does live an unconventional life, one that some may admire, but it does not work for everyone. He seems to give up a lot of modern-day conveniences for his convictions, though.

  3. As an artist, I have drawn Don many times over the years, and even 20 years ago, that much sun had turned his skin into burnished leather. An acceptable price? I dunno.

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