Ohio Mom Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District

There are some people in jail in this country for some pretty silly things, but I think this story might take the cake. Going to jail for attempting to send your kids to a better school is quite simply absurd.

Of course, it makes no sense whatsoever to draw arbitrary lines on a map and then make kids go to their “neighborhood school,” but that is the way we do things in this country. Of course, this woman is just one of many who would like better schools for their kids, but our current, socialized educational system still manages to have wide gaps between rich and poor. Hopefully New Mexico policymakers will embark upon ambitious reforms during the 2011 legislative session, including some robust school choice programs like tax credits.

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8 Replies to “Ohio Mom Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District”

  1. You’re wrong, she “falsified” records which is illegal. The solution is to move to the district you want your kids to attend not lie about your address.

    1. So what. I’m not saying that falsifying records is right, but if the alternative is that her kid is beaten up, shot, doesn’t learn anything, and winds up in prison, I think she’s morally clean. The problem is the absurd way in which the government funds and organizes the schools, don’t you think?

  2. Falsifying records is illegal, plain and simple. The end doesn’t justify the means.

    The real issue I see is in the sentence that was given. Would a wealthy person who has the best legal defense team at their disposal be given 10 days in jail. NO WAY. In America the reality is one where double standards are the norm, one for the wealthy and one for the rest of us.

    I do agree that there should be a system in place so a student can move to another school “legally”. My daughter just moved from WA to TX. She chose the town to live in based on the “best” school system. She was subject to a “home visit” by the school system there to prove she lived in the district. After several months she decided the school just wasn’t meeting her expectations so she put for a lottery that allows them to attend school elsewhere. She made the lottery and her kids will attend school almost 20 miles away with a nationally ranked school. She has decided to move to that town given the distance.

    1. If falsifying records is illegal for a parent, is it also illegal for teachers and doctors to falsify records and documents to provide phony cover for ‘sick-outs’ while the alledgedly sick teachers are publically protesting on TV?

      I thought we had one system of laws in this country?

  3. Jail is a little extreme, but this was a common problem when I lived in Oak Park, Il — a Chicago suburb where residents paid high property taxes to support a quality school system. Families from adjacent Chicago neighborhoods often falsified addresses to enroll kids in Oak Park schools, and tactics such as home visits to verify residency were necessary.

  4. That is why parents need “school choice” options. Perhaps, if the “poor performing” schools where also parents are afraid for the safety of their children will be so low in attendance the districts will need to rethink funding for those locations. Putting people in a position where they have to choose between the safety of their children and obeying the law clearly shows a problem that needs to be addressed, post haste. I think she needs to consider “selective prosecution” issues. How can repeat DWI, B&E, and violent offenders get off without jail but the “system” suddenly has the resources to prosecute her. Come on. Time to clean house from the inside. Someone’s motives are suspect.

    1. Thank you Howard. I just don’t understand how anyone (of either political party or philosophy) can defend the status quo. Trapping kids in failing schools is wrong. I am not advocating breaking the law, but if I were poor and couldn’t afford “choice” in an environment lacking in choice, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t do the same thing.

      Which brings me to the point that teachers and administrators constantly complain about parents not being responsible and involved in their kids’ educations. Then they jail a woman for going to the proverbial “mat” for their kid. You can’t win.

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