One cheer for Mitt Romney

We at the Rio Grande Foundation don’t really get too caught up in politics per se or the latest presidential contenders, but some comments made by Mitt Romney caught our attention recently. For those of you who don’t know the history, Romney supported and signed into law legislation in Massachusetts that has many similarities to the health care legislation that President Obama eventually signed into law. Romney is running for president and has been defending his support for the legislation recently.

There is no question that RomneyCare and ObamaCare both rely on “command and control” policies made by government officials. There is almost nothing in either bill that uses pricing or market forces to lower costs and improve quality in health care. Rather, both laws use rationing and cost-shifting in what — at least in Massachusetts, where the impact is already being felt — is proving to be a futile effort to force costs down.

So, what does RomneyCare have to offer that ObamaCare does not? Quite simply, the only positive is that Romney experimented at the state level. And, were federal health care laws left the same as they were, other states would be able to learn from Romney’s failure and (hopefully) go in a more market-friendly direction. Unfortunately, Obama has doubled-down on Romney’s failed experiment and is now forcing it on the rest of the country.

I doubt that conservative voters will appreciate this nuance in a presidential primary, but that is another question that will be answered in several months.

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4 Replies to “One cheer for Mitt Romney”

  1. I would think of all candidates, Mitt Romney would be
    in the best position to argue against Obamacare. He
    has LEARNED his lesson….Obama and Sibelius have NOT.
    Were there 1000 opt-outs granted in Mass.?

    1. So much about RomneyCare, as with ObamaCare, is an unknown until you are in it. If you change physicians, more likely nurse practitioners, the former has one month to copy your records. Hopefully, you can go without care for 4 weeks. It’s as callous and cold as ObamaCare. It supports the ignorant and incompetent in our medical field. Such a smart businessman should have known the scheme was flawed. He knew but he played politics with peoples’ lives. This is a free market, capitalist system. WE control our own lives. First he whined about his decision, and now he’s defending it. He and Obama come from the same place. They think they are kings, not public servants.

  2. Mr. Romney may be more helpful by broadcasting the failures that occur with government bureaucrats controlling medicine, even at the state level.
    IN comparison is government sponsors healthcare that is subject to market place forces. Medicare Part D involves competition by drug suppliers and as a result has lower costs than projected. As published by C. Krauthammer, using market forces to lower costs of providing services, as in Part D, is a key concept in the Ryan budget plan.

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