Only in NM: show up drunk to work, get hurt, get workman’s comp!

This article from the Las Cruces Sun-News should be enough to make any New Mexican see red. A worker shows up drunk to work, injures himself, and applies for workman’s comp AND GETS IT (at taxpayer expense). That’s bad enough.

Worse, legislation introduced this session that would end this practice was killed by the Democrats on the House Labor Committee with their Chair, Rep. Miguel Garcia arguing that holding employees responsible for coming to work sober each day would be “punitive to the worker.” So, apparently in New Mexico, showing up to work sober is too much to ask…and these people wonder why we’re the poorest state in the nation?

Thankfully, the bill to eliminate worker’s comp for drunks has been revived in the Senate. There is hope, but the fact that this bill was killed even once is a sign that the liberals in Santa Fe are not serious about turning our economy around.