Opportunity to stand for freedom in Santa Fe

It is hard to believe that you can be too liberal and too supportive of big labor and more costly government for extremely liberal Santa Fe, New Mexico, but that may be the case. The Santa Fe City Council will vote next week on repealing an ordinance giving labor unions control over large taxpayer funded construction projects.

Earlier this year, Santa Fe Mayor Coss was able to get enough Santa Fe City Council members to agree and pass something called a Construction Workforce Agreement (CWA).  It is an ordinance that discriminates against 96% of New Mexico’s construction workforce who chose not to join a labor union.  The ordinance requires contractors on most Santa Fe public works projects to have CWAs (read union contracts) in place.

A number of city councilors have agreed to re-visit the issue on Tuesday, October 30.  Elected officials will respond to the voice of those who have the power to vote – but they need to hear from you!   Read more from the New Mexico Business Coalition on why this ordinance should be stopped.

The Rio Grande Foundation urges you, if you live in Santa Fe, to contact the City Council and ask them to repeal this ordinance.

HT: New Mexico Business Coalition

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2 Replies to “Opportunity to stand for freedom in Santa Fe”

  1. I contacted the National Right To Work Legal Defense Fund and sent them a copy of the meeting minutes with this ordinance in it. They said they were interested in it and that the Association of Building Contractors was also intervening. I hope they flood the meeting room on Tuesday. I hope they follow these city counsellors everywhere they go and hound them until they repeal this communistic piece of legislation.

  2. The SF City Councilors need as many letters and phone calls as possible in support of repeal. All councilors should be contacted to make a difference.

    Please call or write and ask others to do the same. This is going to take a concerted effort to reach repeal, but it is possible, if we help.

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