Our cool spring of 2023: Albuquerque hasn’t hit 90 so far this year

At the Rio Grande Foundation we recognize that weather and climate are two different things. But, the left both asserts that climate change is a catastrophe AND they regularly assert that everything from Canadian fires  to winter storms is driven by “climate change” (formerly “global warming).”

Now, KRQE Channel 13 is reporting that New Mexico may have its hottest summer ever thanks to the El Niño weather phenomenon.

But, did you know that Albuquerque has NOT had a day of 90 degrees or more so far in 2023? Did you know that we typically have our first 90 degree day by May 27? There are many ways to present data, but the following chart uses data from this website to illustrate the number of 90 degree days FROM RIGHT to LEFT. You can also see the trend line which if anything goes down as time goes on. 90 degree days are on the way this summer, but it is hard to see how this particular trend represents a global warming crisis.

This website which tracks the number of 100+ degree days from the National Weather Service also doesn’t exactly show that Albuquerque specifically is warming dramatically.