Our problematic “federalism” and MLG’s pleas for another federal bailout

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham had yet another press conference on Thursday afternoon. She extended New Mexico’s health order for 30 days, but spent a great deal of time during the press conference and on social media complaining about the “lack of leadership” in Washington.

Mostly, as she says in the Tweet below, she wants another federal “stimulus” package with money for unemployment and other forms of government assistance.”

Whatever your thoughts on the Gov.’s “lockdown” or specific aspects of the various federal “bailouts” or “stimuli” we have a serious incentive problem here. The Gov. (and others) shut down their state economies doing massive economic damage and then want a federal government that is an astonishing $26.5 TRILLION in debt to take on EVEN MORE debt in order to subsidize her decisions.

Whatever one believes about the merits of locking down our state economies, the federal government can’t (and shouldn’t) front their entire cost. State policymakers must be asked to make some tough decisions.  Our problematic federalism has bad incentives that will bankrupt our nation.