Outrageous story on “homeless” will make your blood boil

Anyone who lives in and travels around Albuquerque sees the tents and shopping carts. Unfortunately, voters saw fit to give Tim Keller another four years as Mayor, but City Council MUST do everything in their power not to coddle and “help” the homeless, but to move them off of city property and enforce private property rights.

The “homeless” situation worsens day by day and the fact that this West Side family can no longer walk to school is a simple illustration that the City of Albuquerque is failing to provide even the most basic public services to its residents.

The story asserts that the “homeless” cannot be moved if they are on City property, but we know of no provision in City law that would prohibit their removal. If there is anything in ordinance, Council needs to make changing that top priority and Keller needs to be made to enforce the law.