Oxfam “best states to work” report misses the boat

Oxfam is typically known for its international work Oxfam that, as they describe themselves, “fights inequality to end poverty and injustice.” Interestingly they just came out with a new report which purports to rank the “best US states to work” in America. 

Since Oxfam is typically considered a “left wing” organization, it is no surprise that we at the Rio Grande Foundation would find the results lacking, but it is not merely a question of ideology. The fact is that the report’s top ranking states are: California, Oregon, DC, and New York at the very top. New Mexico is 16th which is unusual for the Land of Enchantment which finds itself at the very bottom of most lists.

Some of the fastest growing states happen to be ranked at the very bottom by Oxfam including: North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Utah. Utah in particular is a state that usually performs very well on all manner of state rankings, but not Oxfam’s.

Of course, Oxfam’s report heavily focuses on restrictive wage and economic policies including: minimum wages, paid sick leave, and the absence of Right to Work laws.

Sadly, Oxfam’s report is completely worthless. It totally misses economic reality and the preferences expressed by millions of Americans leaving “blue” states like New York and California and flocking to the very “red” states that are growing fast. 

In addition to this report being based on a misguided philosophy one must wonder what public policies Oxfam is encouraging with its $1 billion + dollar yearly budget.