Parody video hits Obama school lunch requirements

Last week, I alerted you to a student-led protest against an over-weening federal government restriction on school lunches. The protest movement appears to be gaining strength and has even generated its own protest song and video that is sweeping cyberspace. Check it out below:

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4 Replies to “Parody video hits Obama school lunch requirements”

  1. Although this is cute, I think the bigger picture is how many of us are responsible for chipping away at our and our neighbor’s freedoms by the rules we make from telling our neighbors what color drapes they have in their windows, what color they can paint their house, to how long their dog’s nails can be, and open ourselves to persecution. This lunch rule is just another way parents transfer their responsibility to raise their children and give their freedoms to the state or other organized neighbors. Most don’t want the responsibility anyway. Dump the kids at school, dump them at practice and dump them in front of the TV or video game. The purpose of school is to educate our children regarding topic such as reading, writing, government, history, and math. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach them about religion, morals, and ethics and to take care of their needs. I will never forget the day when my high school teacher told my class that we were much smarter than our parents. Even if they went to college, our curriculum was more complex than it was “in the day”. Needless to say, my Dad had to perform a lot of lecturing to educate that teacher about her roles. My Dad was the only one that spoke up. Most teachers have a liberal, atheist philosophy. If you want to give your responsibilities to the state to raise your children, then that is what you will indoctrinate them to be. No one can teach your children “how to think.” They have that gift. They can be taught techniques of analysis and logic. Teachers and the government are incorporating doctrine into curriculum under the disguise of “teaching your children how to think” instead of giving them the tools to comprehend. We are heading toward an “Orwellian” society, and, by the way, I read Orwell’s works outside of school. One of his quotes I like is “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–forever.” I apologize to those parents that are involved with the raising of their children from chores to education, I wasn’t talking about you.

  2. Thank you Timothy for pointing out “the bigger picture”. I find your points saddly true to what I have experienced and observed.

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