Paul discusses the recent special session, school reopening, and loss of 2020 Balloon Fiesta with Jim Williams

Paul Gessing

Rio Grande Foundation President, Paul Gessing reviews the following hot-button political issues in New Mexico over the past three weeks:

  1. The economic impact of canceling the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta estimated to be $187,000,000. What does it mean to lose that event? Does it mean the Fair won’t happen either?
  2. What is the latest from the Governor’s office about re-opening New Mexico? Her news conference is scheduled for 3:00 pm this afternoon on Facebook:
  3. The New Mexico Legislature recently met in a special session without allowing the public to attend. What happened in the NM Supreme Court case that allowed this to happen? What happened in the Special Session itself?
  4. Paul and Jim discuss the current protests and what they are attempting to achieve.
  5. What will schools look like this fall?