PED secretary strongly implies most NM students won’t return to in-person learning until next fall

In a true case of “burying the lede” as they say in journalism (yes, it is lede), this story from the Albuquerque Journal discusses the State’s education budget proposal for the upcoming legislative session being “near-flat.”

But, if you read the full article there is this gem from Secretary Ryan Stewart, “I think we’re going to be back in person in the fall of 2021. It all depends on the course of the virus and what the risks are going forward.”

Many New Mexico parents hold out hope of restarting in-person learning sometime this spring (and if you are in a conservative rural community or another area that has done in-person learning this year like Rio Rancho) that may be true, but Stewart seems to be referring to big districts like Albuquerque and Las Cruces which have NOT had in-person learning for a vast majority of students this year.

Secretary Betsy DeVos on Twitter: "“It's now October. We are starting to get an evidence-based picture of how school reopenings and remote learning are going… the evidence is pointing in one direction.