Plaintiffs needed for lawsuit against New Mexico school mandates

In conjunction with New Mexico Stands Up!, the Rio Grande Foundation is helping to collect plaintiffs for a lawsuit against NM school mandates. This could include any mandate that affecting children, including mask requirements, athletics mask requirements, etc. This will be crowdfunded, so $$ should not be an issue.
Paul will be interviewing Ana Garner an attorney with New Mexico Stands Up! on Monday for Tipping Point NM.
If you want to join this lawsuit, please Sarah Smith the following information:
  • Name
  •  Email address
  •  Phone number
  • Address
  • Preferred mode of communication (email, text, phone call)
  • Brief note describing your situation (age of child affected, anything you want to add about what transpired, etc)

Contact Sarah directly at the email address below for more information:

Sarah Smith
Las Cruces, NM
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance
Free People of the Southwest
Rio Rancho's Martinez perseveres despite '19 health scare » Albuquerque Journal
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One Reply to “Plaintiffs needed for lawsuit against New Mexico school mandates”

  1. I work at an elementary school. I have been harassed all year about taking the experimental test. I have received an email a week and even resignation papers for refusing the test. I have kept my job and even got my contract for next year but the emails continue. I have also been quarantined 3 times because I refuse to get the shot. I have a nonverbal student that threw up in her mask. The students need to take the masks off! 2nd grade and up hate the masks. They can’t breathe in them and we can’t see their facial expressions. We also have deaf ed students that are being forced to wear these masks. It’s so difficult to communicate! I’ve had a kindergartner smash her thumb and didn’t know she was hurt until she cried out loud( which she was trying not to do) Every single week a class, buss or even an entire grade gets sent home due to “exposure.” They have to wear their masks outside on the playground, during PE . They have to eat in the classroom. It’s ridiculous. And the kids have suffered for it. Not from Covid but from these ridiculous rules! They definitely have NOT received a quality education.

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