PNM looking to delay closure of San Juan Generating Station, but for how long?

Normally RGF doesn’t dabble in rumors, but THIS is an exception. We have written extensively about how Michelle Lujan Grisham’s 2019 Energy Transition Act will likely cause outages this summer when the San Juan Generating Station coal plant closes.

We are now hearing that PNM is offering to keep that station open for a few months which would avoid rolling blackouts THIS summer AND avoid them in the runup to the election for Gov. Thus, MLG would likely be inclined towards support.

The GOP (which doesn’t have much say-so in Santa Fe these days) would understandably like to keep the coal-fired plant open a bit longer. We understand they would like 4 more years.

Democrats run things in Santa Fe, but the “progressive”/radical environmental wing of the Party may not care if we are sitting in the dark (and hot) this July or August. This could give the GOP some influence. Four months is nothing but an election-year ploy to push the problems beyond this year, but a few years’ delay could help PNM cope with what is shaping up to be a serious problem keeping the lights on.


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2 Replies to “PNM looking to delay closure of San Juan Generating Station, but for how long?”

  1. There is no excuse for shutting down existing electrical power generation until replacement power has been built and tested. Moreover, it is well understood that solar and wind power generation must be backstopped by baseload carbon energy sources for weather extremes. Even if the solar systems were installed and running, New Mexico could face blackouts.

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