Podcast rewind: when space expert expressed concerns about Virgin Galactic’s engine technology on RGF podcast

You may have heard the news by now that over the weekend Virgin Galactic aborted a launch at Spaceport America. The issue had to do with a failure to complete “The ignition sequence for the rocket motor.” Thankfully no deaths or injuries were involved, but it is likely that this will further delay any commercial space flights from Southern New Mexico.

As Doug Messier of commercial space flight website Parabolic Arc noted in a 2019 Tipping Point NM podcast (the engine/technology discussion starts at about the 36 minute mark below). The issue with the engines involves the motors which burn a combination of nitrous oxide and rubber.

You can also check Doug’s website Parabolic Arc for coverage of the attempted Virgin Galactic flight here. By the way, at the end of the podcast Doug says he would NOT fly with Virgin Galactic even if given a FREE ticket. 

Virgin Galactic makes first flight from New Mexico site

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4 Replies to “Podcast rewind: when space expert expressed concerns about Virgin Galactic’s engine technology on RGF podcast”

  1. You do understand the 46 minute mark is the end of the podcast and there’s nothing more to hear, correct? Good thing the team at VG doesn’t make such glaring mistakes…

  2. Everyone who has an interest in the Spaceport should listen from the 36 minute mark to Mr. Messier’s discouraging review and assessment of Virgin Galactic. To repeat the point that has been made many times before, why did the NM legislature approve this hairbrained project in the first place ,and why was there no skepticism from the NM news “media” when the boondoggle was proposed? Answer: Single party Dem rule in the legislature with no meaningful political opposition, and a lazy and incompetent news media in NM.

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