Pork on the Loose!

RGF released its pig book recently (available here). To celebrate the occasion, we took “Porky” around to some of the most wasteful projects in the Albuquerque area.

There are short videos of “Porky” taking a few swings a taxpayer-subsidized driving range, hanging out at Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, riding the Rail Runner, and jogging on the new stimulus-funded bike bridge over the Rio Grande where he even got to hop in a big rig and honk the horn.

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2 Replies to “Pork on the Loose!”

    1. That particular driving range is at the Balloon Fiesta Park, but before you make that call, all of the projects outlined in the book were outside of Albuquerque. That said, the City’s public courses lose money as does UNM’s South Course. All of them could be managed far more effectively by private companies as opposed to city employees.

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