Positive Bills RGF is working on during New Mexico’s 2017 session

The Rio Grande Foundation fully expects to play a lot of “defense” against the deluge of big-government bills moving through the 2017 legislative session. That said, we have worked on a few bills that, if enacted, could improve New Mexico’s economy and promote freedom. All readers are hereby encouraged to contact their legislators in support of these various bills:

HB 213 “Repeal Public Works Minimum Wage Act” would repeal New Mexico’s prevailing wage on construction projects that arbitrarily drives up the cost of roads and schools;

HB 228 “Right to Try” would allow terminally ill patients to try certain drugs not approved by the FDA;

HB 264 “Access to Dental Care Act” would allow for mid-level dental providers called “dental therapists” to practice in rural areas of New Mexico;

HB 226 “Minor Party Candidate Nominating Signatures” would make the signature requirement for 3rd party candidates similar to those for major party candidates thus making New Mexico’s elections more accessible and competitive;

SB 202 “Forfeiture Changes” would make some needed changes and improvements to New Mexico’s landmark 2015 civil asset forfeiture legislation.

HB 275 “Public Private Partnerships Act” Would create a framework under which government could contract with businesses in order to increase/improve the availability of public assets including but not limited to roads and infrastructure.

Find your legislators and their contact information here. You can find out how the RGF is rating bills in real time here.

Watch this space for additional developments and information. Other “pans” are in the fire.

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