Posting of Bernalillo County pay results in needed reforms

Our posting of the Bernalillo County payroll online has resulted in exactly the kind of transparency we hoped for. Commissioner Art De La Cruz is calling for an employee pay study to make sure that the County’s pay structure makes sense. The story is available here.

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4 Replies to “Posting of Bernalillo County pay results in needed reforms”

  1. How is a “Pay Study” a needed reform? I read “Pay Study” as “this is how we’ll make it look as though we care about this issue while we evade and kick that can down the road” Meanwhile, the pigs at the trough get to hire some friends or relatives at high “consultant” salaries to perform the “study” thus exacerbating, rather than correcting the problem. Someone needs to make sure that commissioner De La Cruz isn’t related to some of those “consultants”.

    1. Fair enough, but having the information public can only help keep such a pay study honest. We will be updating the salary information.

  2. Wait till the study has been concluded before you complain. If the study appears to be inaccurate, then do so.

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